Taraweeh & Eid prayers

Isha Salaah and Taraweeh will be taking place at Saskatoon Field House, 2020 College Drive. (Main intersection, College Drive and Preston Avenue)

Ramadaan (First day of Fasting) will start on Saturday May 27, and Esha and Taraweeh will start tonight (Friday May 26) at 10:45pm.

Ramadaan Timetable is now available in the Masjid and also available on our website to download.

Please observe the following rules while at the Saskatoon Field House:

  1. Absolutely NO food or drinks are allowed onto the track, this also includes dates. Only water is allowed. Please bring your own water bottles and take it home with you.
  2. Please do NOT litter on the track. Pick up and dispose your garbage before leaving.
  3. Please do not drop off and leave your children, 15 and under, alone at Saskatoon Field House and unsupervised children are not allowed at Saskatoon Field House.
  4. Please make use of babysitting which will be available for free.
  5. Ensure children are with you at all times. If you choose not to use babysitting services, please ensure your children observe complete silence while Taraweeh is taking place.
  6. Do NOT touch or play with any of the sports and track and field equipment.
  7. No running and screaming on the track while Taraweeh is taking place.
  8. Do not allow your children to play in the Sand Pit and climb onto anything including high jump mats.
  9. Please respect all the rules of Saskatoon Field House.

We kindly request for volunteers to help us with setup and cleanup before and after Taraweeh.

Other Taraweeh Locations:
  • Evergreen Musalla – 607 Manek Road
  • Prairie Muslim Association – 3350 Fairlight Drive
  • Jamia Riyadul Jannah – 2233 Hanselman Ave
  • Scheer’s Martial Arts Center – Box 17, Site 510, RR5 (Corner of Boychuk Drive and Highway 16)
Eid-ul-Fitr/Eid-al-Adha at Prairieland Park

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Taraweeh Prayers at Saskatoon Field House

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Telephone: +1 306-665-6424