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Sheikh Ilyas Sidyot is the Imam for the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon. He was born and raised in Ravidra, Gujrat in India. He has studied under some great scholars, receiving several formal authorizations in the sacred sciences with top honors.

His commitment to the sacred sciences began early in his life when Allah blessed him with the ability to complete memorization of the Holy Quran by the age of 10 years.

Sheikh Ilyas Sidyot completed a rigorous 10-year Alim course at Darul Uloom Falah e Darin Tadkeshwar Gujrat, India, where he received his Masters in Islamic Sciences, which included but was not limited to, Language, Exegesis (Tafseer) and Jurisprudence (Fiqh).

He earned authorizations in Hadith under the Great Alim Sheikh Abrar Ahmed (R.A.) and Sheikh SherAli Afghani (Hafizahu allah).
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