Funeral Services

“Whoever builds a mosque with the intention of seeking Allah’s pleasure , Allah will build for him a place in Paradise” Sahi Al-Bukari.

Losing a loved one is never easy. The IAS is committed to helping families dealing with the loss of a loved one by facilitating funeral arrangements. The IAS offers the Muslim community comforting and supportive funeral services, in partnership with. Funeral Services. Please contact the IAS for more info.

Body washing is performed by IAS volunteers who perform the washing with care and in way that maintains the dignity of the deceased, in accordance with the Prophet’s Sunnah. Proper shrouding (kafan) will also be performed after the washing.

The funeral prayer (salat-ul-Janazah) will be held at the IAS Mosque unless otherwise pre-arranged for a different location. It will be lead by the Imam, unless otherwise requested by the family. The Imam is also available to oversee the burial and perform Du’a for the deceased. The IAS has made arrangements with CITY CEMENTRY. The gardens offer a section of burial grounds dedicated for Muslims.

Inquiry Form

    IAS Funeral Services

    In the event of the death of a Muslim in Saskatoon, The Islamic Association of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon)
    Inc. asks that you accept our condolences, trust Allah SWT’s will and pray for the Mercy & Forgiveness of
    the deceased. To ensure the process runs smoothly, please follow these steps:
    • Step 1: Contact Imam Ilyas Sidyot at 306-341-8888 (in Imam’s absence contact IAS Religious Affairs
      Director) to inform him of the death.
    • Step 2: Contact Saskatoon Funeral Home (338 4th Ave N) at 306-244-5577 to inform them of the death
      as well so that they can start preparations accordingly.
    • Step 3: Coordinate and set a time with the Imam and Saskatoon Funeral Home for the Ghusl (washing),
      Janazah Prayer and Burial that is agreeable to all.
    • Depending on the circumstances of the death, the Saskatoon Health Authority may require extra time
      before releasing the deceased to Saskatoon Funeral Home due to other circumstances (Police etc.).
    • Saskatoon Funeral Home will arrange to have the deceased transferred to the IAS for Ghusl + Janazah
      Prayer and to the Woodlawn Cemetery (1502 2nd Ave N).
    • Fees: The Family of the Deceased is ENTIRELY responsible for Saskatoon Funeral Home Fees +
      Cemetery Fees (starting from $6226* approx.). For financial assistance you may apply to the IAS
      Takaful Committee. For burial outside Canada the Fees start from $10,000-15,000*.
    • Saskatoon Funeral Home Fees: $2152* approx. (payable prior to burial via credit card)
      • $2000 + $50 regulatory fee + GST
      • This includes transportation of the deceased from the place of death, registration of the
        death, arrangements with Imam and the cemetery, use of the temporary casket, and
        transportation to the cemetery in the funeral coach.
    • Cemetery Fees: $4074* approx. but will vary per case (mailed out to the family within one week)
      • Adult Plot: $1750
      • Interment Fee including fiberglass dome: $1890
      • Short notice fee (M-F, 9am-4pm): $240
      • Extra Evening, Weekend & Holiday fees:
        • Sat (9am-4pm): $615
        • Sun & Holidays (9am-1pm): $855
        • Overtime outside of service times: $155 per 1⁄2 Hour
      • Example: The cemetery fees for a short notice burial during regular business hours would be
        $1750 for the plot, $1890 for the Interment Fee and $240, plus 5% GST for a total cemetery
        fee of $4074* (approximately).
    • Note: If the deceased has made contributions to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), he/she may be
      eligible for a Death Benefit of $2500:

    *Fees quoted are as of Oct 2019.

    Required Information

    Information that the Saskatoon Funeral Home requires to issue a burial permit before the burial:

    Deceased Information
    Sask.Health No.
    Marital Status:
    Wife/Husband Name:
    Wife’s Maiden Name:
    Father’s Birthplace:
    Mother’s Name:
    Mother’s Maiden Name:
    Mother’s Birthplace:

    Next of Kin Information
    Telephone Number:
    Person Responsible For Funeral Expenses
    Telephone Number:
    Credit Card Number:
    Credit Card Expiry Date: