Board of Directors

“Then We gave the Scripture as inheritance unto those whom We elected of Our servants.” [Noble Qur’an, 35.32]

Board Of Directors

Welcome to the
Islamic Association of Saskatoon

“And We made them leaders, guiding by Our command; and We inspired them to do good works, and to observe the prayer, and to give out charity. They were devoted servants to Us”

The Islamic Association Of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) Inc.

NamePositionEmail AddressPhone
Abubaker 261-7651
Ileana DawoudVice President - 715-8386
Ahmed ShokerVice 261-9390
Anjum 612 0786
Mohamed 716-2107
Aftab KhanIT 713-9257
Qamar AhmedFundraising 341-4533
Ramlah IqbalEducation 202-6874
Mueez RafiquieYouth 916-1891
Mohamed ElhattabReligious 261-4648
Ayman ElchayebMaintenance 612-3655
Aqeel WahabOutreach & Media 888-4919
Masood KhanSocial Committee 916 1632