السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ 

IAS along with Majority Mosques in Saskatoon is suspending all activities & events, including Friday congregational prayers following COVID-19 directives and advisories.

IAS wants to reiterate that for the safety of community we are requesting all Seniors to stay home where possible as they are the most vulnerable ones in this crisis per statistics released by authorities.

IAS leadership is passing this message with a heavy heart, for all of us our Mosques are where our hearts are, where we not only pray but learn, read and get together with our friends.

In this time where many of us will be needing our mosques and our friends, we want to assure that IAS will be here to support the Saskatoon community. We are here to help our elderly , single mothers, adults or youth, if you are distressed or have any issues, you are having a hard time coping with isolation, please reach out to us. All of us need to learn how to distant ourselves socially but the unity this Ummah has is its greatest strength. We are here to look out for each other, let’s make a goal of calling at least one person each day, check on your friends and neighbours. The most precious gift you can give someone is your time during this tribulation.

Lastly, the City of Saskatoon, officials have passed the message that they understand the sacrifice our community has to go through, and they expressed their gratitude for taking precautionary steps for the safety and well-being of all by all Mosques.

For any questions please contact us at;
(info@islamiccenter.sk.ca) or (president@islamiccenter.sk.ca) or use WhatsApp 306-370-1195 or 306-341-888

May Allah protect one and all. Ameen!

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