"Hold tight to the Rope of Allah (Lord) all together and be not disunited among yourselves". [Noble - Quran :Surah Al-Imran ayah 103]

What We Do

  • Serving The Community

    The IAS is currently the largest Sunni Muslim organization in Saskatchewan.

  • New Muslim Care

    New Muslim Care is an initiative of The IAS to cater to the needs of new Muslims and facilitate their integration into local Muslim communities.

  • IAS Muslim School

    The IAS is dedicated in providing essential educational services to the muslim community and making constant effort to improve the delivery of education to our children

First Step

Requirements from Ehealth Canada (Province of Saskatchewan)

Get a Marriage License

In Saskatchewan, couples who want to marry must purchase a Saskatchewan Marriage License.

A marriage license is only valid for a period of three months, or 90 days. The marriage license becomes effective the day after it is purchased. Therefore, the marriage license can be purchased anywhere from one day to 90 days prior to the wedding ceremony.

The fee to purchase a marriage license is $60.

Second Step

Requirements from Masjid

  • 11. In order for the Masjid to perform any Nikah, you must make a confirmed appointment in advance for the Nikah with the Imam.
  • 2A valid legal marriage license is required.
  • 3Nikahs are usually performed after congregational Salah. For other times, please contact the Imam.
  • 4Both the bride and groom should be Muslims. A Muslim Wali and 2 Muslim witnesses are required for the Nikah to be complete.
  • 5If one or both of the individuals have been previously married, you are required to inform the Imam before the time of your Nikah.
  • 6Photos are not permitted inside the Masjid. You will be able to utilize the Front Lobby for photographs.
  • 7To make an appointment, you can meet with our Imam at IAS 222 Copland Crescent, Saskatoon, SK

**Providing false or inaccurate information may result in a void Nikah. The Masjid will not be held responsible if pertinent information is withheld at the time of Nikah.**

Third Step

Inquiry form